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Instruments, gauges, fittings, valves, piping and tubing which are to be used in oxygen, fluorine or cryogenic service must be meticulously degreased and cleaned. Koenig-Pretempco has provided this service for many years, and is certified by a major gas provider for these services.

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We clean according to many customer supplied specifications, and if requested, will clean to your requirements. Our cleaning is done in a specifically designed area. In accordance with the stringent guidelines of the Compressed Gas Association’s specification 4.1, our technicians disassemble the part as much as necessary, and then clean using an appropriate method.


 After cleaning, the part is dried, and then inspected under black light and bright visible light. The part is reassembled, capped, tagged and sealed in a bag of correct thickness. Valves and piping are capped, sealed and tagged. 

We turn most jobs around in under one working week, and offer rush service.

A certificate of cleaning is provided with the shipment if requested.

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